When posting to Pinterest, follow these rules to create a popular page with several interesting boards.

Create boards on specific topics  – related to your product range.

Always add links to your Pin descriptions – It’s a great way to drive traffic through to your ecommerce site or content pages.

Don’t just stick to your own links – Add some third party content into the mix. This will usually be more interesting than exclusively posting pictures of your own products.

Be creative when naming your pinterest boards – when naming something generic pinners may scroll over your board.

Promote your blog content  – using relevant, eye-catching images.

Include plenty of seasonal boards  – that relate to your industry. If you are a clothing or food brand, for example, you could have a board related to festivals in the summer.

Engage with others’ pins  – that are relevant to your business to encourage them to follow you in return.

Everyone loves an inspirational quote – They are perhaps overused, but they still get lots of love on Pinterest. Just try to make them at least slightly relevant to your industry.