Picking the right designer for your business does not have to be difficult, but knowing what to look for will help you when meeting and discussing what you want/need and ultimately with your final decision.

  • Ask to see a few samples of their work. Are the projects 100%  complete?When looking at their samples, look at the different ways they present information. Are they all different, or do many of the projects look similar?  Most designers have an online portfolio that you can view as well.1-Stop-Final
  • Be sure to ask for a written quote or estimate.  Make sure all of the items you are discussing are included in the quote. Once you receive a quote, does it have an explanation of what services the designer is going to provide?  Is there room for revisions, is there a project management fee? All quotes should have a final in hand estimate with them as well.
  • Are you looking for a designer to create a new brand for your business?  If so, you will need to have an informative meeting where the designer should be asking you a lot of questions about your business and clients.  They may already have a client with a similar business to your so they may have some knowledge in your area, however, you product and market may be new to them and they will need to learn every aspect of your company in order to provide an effective banding for your business.
  • Know what you need and know what you want. If you need the “Works” – branding, advertising, marketing, collateral and SEO and social media, let them know that right from the beginning.  You may want to opt for a full service agency.
  • Ask about the best way to contact them, and let them know how you prefer to be contacted. This will save you time as your work through the project and keep the lines of communication open.

At the end of the day, this is your business, so search for a designer that is passionate about what they do and who displays a real interest in working with you and your company.  Contact 1-Stop Design Shop at 781-938-3866 for all your graphic and web design needs.