When you’re experimenting with colors or color schemes you will often find you need to change all instances of a single color within your image. You can do this quickly using the Recolor Artwork option.

First up, select the object whose color you want to change. It may be a single object. Or, use the “Same” option to select all the objects containing the same fill or stroke color. Alternatively, hit Ctrl + A or Cmd + A to select everything on the page.

Next, click the Recolor Artwork button in the Options Bar at the top of the screen.

The color of your selected objects will be shown under Current Colors. Double click the box under New to select a new color to change them to.

If you’re working with logos, web artwork, or the like, hit the Harmony Rules dropdown at the top of the window to see a range of preset color schemes based on your existing choices. The colors update in real time, so keep clicking through until you find a combination you like.