Need some Instagram inspiration? Here’s a few tips. index

  • If you see a nice sunset or view of a building or garden, try to grab a picture of it from a different angle than you normally do. Try getting down low and angling the camera up, or doing a sideways shot. You’ll know what it is once you see it, just make sure to get good lighting!
  • People also enjoy ‘behind the scenes’ or ‘day in the life’ pics, they don’t always have to be candid photos. Take a picture of you at work or going to the gym.
  • Your followers will also enjoy cute pet and kid pics—just don’t over do it!
  • Sometimes you don’t even have to post a picture that you took yourself. If you got a case of the Monday’s, find a good meme about it and post it for your followers. Anyone who agrees with you will most likely like it and laugh a bit. We all love a good meme.