Why is Pinterest is important for your business?  Pinterest is a website (and app) for photo sharing.  There are theme-based boards and collections in which your own Pins can be managed and organized.

Pinterest is a simple visual based location as to where you can share your photos and link them back to your website.  Based on your interests and interests of others from around the world, people can connect through their pins. If you share what you love and passion, you will be surprised how many people share that same passion.  Placing your pin in a category will help others find your business and interests.  People can post additional information or share some feedback or comment on each pin. pinterest Pinterest is a social platform where you can upload images with affiliate links, to generate revenue as a business owner.

Pinning what is relevant to your business and the amount of re-pinning is what helps in getting customers to your website.  Think of a re-pin as a “like” on Facebook.  If someone likes what you have to offer and re-pins your post, then the people who follow them on Pinterest will see that they re-pinned and may do the same.

Pinterest in one of the top websites in the United States. However, unlike Facebook or Twitter, there is a very limited amount of space for content.  So this is where a picture can make or break your post. Pinterest is offering more and more analytics to their platform since businesses are pinning products and brands to help with their SEO and Social Medial.  Linking your pins back to your website will encourage visitors to look around and see what you have to offer, digging deeper into your site.  Creating content on your social media networks enables valuable external links.  Pinterest can really help in boosting the popularity and visibility of your brand.