Chrissy Miscioscia

Administrative Specialist + Customer Care | Numbers Ninja

Let’s start with her awesome name…Chrissy, is the 10th “Christine” to work at 1-Stop Design (that includes the owner), over the last 30 years. There’s just something in the name. Now, this Christine goes by Chrissy and she is well versed in the numbers world with customer service, banking and administrative work throughout her career. She is our newest member and a joy to see when you come through the doors. She has an Associates Degree from North Shore Community College, and a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Lasell College in Newton, MA. She already has so many ideas of how to organize certain areas so they run smoother and FASTER! We are all very excited and grateful to have her. In addition to working at 1-Stop Design, she has two small sons, one years old and four who keep her very busy when not keeping us all in-line.

Things she loves: her sons and husband, Bermuda and traveling.

Things she doesn’t like
: disorganization and piles

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