Pinterest is a search engine. Everything there is based on keywords. How many times have you used Pinterest instead of Google? I do it a lot!

The key to optimizing your here is to make your pins, boards, and profile show up in Pinterest searches.

I would do your research in optimizing your own profile, verifying your website, enabling rich pins, and using descriptive keywords in your boards, in your profile, and in your pins.

Let’s break it down a little further:

Create graphics that take up a lot of space in Pinterest, addresses a specific need, and encourages click throughs.

  • Address a specific need.
  • Encourage click throughs to the post. Don’t give out too information to soon.
  • Try to make long vertical images.

SEO Optimize your pins and then do it again.

After you have done some keyword research and know what you want to target, optimize as much as possible.

Nobody is going to see that amazing graphic and post if there are no keywords in the pin description. You absolutely cannot rely on your graphic to make you blow up. Those are keyword-rich descriptions.

Try is using different pin descriptions when you pin them. We want our pins to show up in search results. The best part about this is your pins don’t need to be repinned to bring you traffic! If they’re at the top of the search, people will click on them (and hopefully love you and follow your page).

Pin them over and over again. If you pin your post only once and never come back, you are doing yourself a great disservice. Pin them again to different boards. Pin them to group boards. Participate in pinning groups with your blogger friends, to ensure your content is being pinned by other people. Your content won’t be seen if you don’t continually push it out there.