Do you proofread?

As much as we love working with type, Graphic Designers are not the sole proofreaders or copywriters.

We’ll always do our best to double check for accuracy, but ensuring there are no grammatical errors take a lot of time. This is often an additional service—especially for text-heavy documents like books and manuals. By providing us with final body copy free of typos, we’re able to focus on creating awesome layouts that cater to you! Here’s some helpful tips.

The customary editing symbols serve as a shorthand mechanism utilized during the examination of hard copy manuscripts. With the evolution of technology, this traditional approach to editing is experiencing a decline in usage. Computer software, particularly Microsoft Word, offers editors the ability to highlight text and insert comments directly into the document, supplanting the need for hard copy annotations.

There’s a humorous irony in learning these archaic symbols…

Nevertheless, despite their dwindling relevance, mastering them can still prove beneficial, especially when editing one’s own work. Embracing these symbols facilitates a more streamlined editing process, ultimately saving time and effort, albeit in a somewhat antiquated manner.

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