Social networking is an important part of any business’s social media. Technology is changing constantly and quickly. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest have such a high mobile usage, business’s should have their sites optimized for all types of mobile devices. Optimize everything for mobile – If a client visits your site from a mobile device and the site is not optimized, the customer may not have a pleasant experience with your company.  To avoid a bad mobile experience, optimize your website for mobile devices. A good mobile experience will help customers find the information they were looking for. By making everything mobile can also make things more media Optimize your content – Optimize your content for all types of mobile platforms. Be sure to optimize your social media channels too.

Mobile Website
  • Be sure your customers can find your social media share options easily.  Keep them clear and visible.
  • Provide a few little reminders to share content they like and share as much as they like.
Mobile Facebook
  • Images are shared more than anything on Facebook. In the mobile Facebook app, photos are large and seen because of the amount of space they take up on a mobile device. Photos grab attention much more than content alone.
  • Engage your Facebook followers. Ask open-ended questions and be sure to respond to your customers in a timely manner when questions or comments are asked.
Mobile Twitter
  • Twitter allows you to use 140 characters in a tweet, however, it is not necessary to use all 140. Use real time tweets and engage with your customers and clients.  Ask for re-tweets and favorites to get your brand known.