Knowing your customers is huge in each individual business.  They are what makes you thrive so knowing their wants and needs is crucial in a successful business plan.

Get to Know Your Customers

Find out your clients demographics, habits and demands. Take the time to really researched your customers and clients.  Create a marketing strategy around your information while learning the most you can about your client.

Spend Time with Your Employees

Be consistent in how your staff interacts with your clients.  Be sure they all care for them and encourage them to have a personal touch when meeting and talking with clients.

Have a Perfect Website

Clients looking for web work are going to call the designer with the best looking website.  Decisions on your expertise are made with in the first eight seconds of seeing your website.  If it does not look like it is set up well, then the client will click away until they find one they prefer. Your website is ultimately your first impression.

Create Your Own Marketing Plan

Create and establish your own marketing technique.  Then go over your strategy with all of your employees.  Make them aware of the type of technique you want your business to present.  Work on a written plan that goes through all of the points you want your business to posses and then spread that through your employees.