Julie Quinn

1-Stop Production Manager — Master of Time & Space

Meet Jules, the multi-tasker of multi-taskers! She keeps our jobs on track and on schedule. She also does quoting and works directly with clients, making sure they get exactly what they ordered.

Her skills don’t stop there, she has a BFA from Boston University in Graphic Design and Marketing so she knows her stuff. She’s a mom of three kids and rarely sits still. She started to work for 1-Stop Design in 1995. After four years she started her family and took 14 years off to be Super-Mom. In 2013 she became Super-Mom AND Master of Time & Space for 1-Stop! We couldn’t do what we do without Jules.

Things she loves: Her kids, Sue, skiing, sushi, the beach
Things she doesn’t like: being cold (even though she likes to ski), people who aren’t real, being late, getting up early
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