ie-logoThe rumors going around about Internet Exploring being pulled out are just that, a rumor. The operating system is still working high amongst the other systems available. According to NetMarketshare, “Across multiple versions, Internet Explorer it still holds more market share than any other browser options. Most people use Internet Explorer 11 (22%) and IE 8 (19%).” The confusion started when Microsoft exec Chris Capossela made some confusing comments about the company’s new browser, named Spartan, and how it would co-habit with Internet Explorer in Windows 10. When Capossela spoke, many thought he meant IE was finished. However, Internet Explorer is a legacy to Microsoft that the company has no choice but to support. Across the multiple versions, Internet Explorer most people use Internet Explorer 11 (22%) and IE 8 (19%). Another 8% for IE 9 and 5.5% for IE 10, and you have a more-than-50% share for Microsoft’s browser. Then there is always the earlier versions to take into consideration as well. Chrome, by contrast, has less than 20% of the market across its versions. Where IE is still holding strong at more than 50% of the user base, we highly doubt that IE is going anywhere soon.