Instagram has launched some new features this week, maybe you have noticed.  There is now a second “People” explore tab that highlights some of the great Instagrammers and then three of their recent pictures. Another great new feature Instagram is now offering, is the ability to edit old comments and captions.  This is the feature I love. Face it, your friends may not be the best photographers.  So, today Instagram has launched the People tab that highlights some great Instagrammers. Knowing that the photos you see are from people you know on Instragram may be more interesting to you, however, several social media sites have developed big communities of semi-professional, creative people who have loyal fans and followers. By highlighting these creators and helping them build a following, Instagram could benefit from some people’s desire to come back again and again to see the latest shot from their favorite photographer.  Instagram has a process to offer variety of accounts you will see.  Users will see accounts that are based in who they are connected to, what they like on Instgarm and who they follow.  There will also be some editorial suggestions thrown in as well.  Each user will see different suggestions and accounts so specific users won’t suddenly be in the midst of Instagram stardom. The ability to edit a comment is great.  We have all posted something with a typo and then were cursing ourselves and we couldn’t go back to fix it.  Instagram has the old Facebook way of thinking for year, do not allow editing because it feared people would put up comments then change them to mean something different and then offend or embarrass someone. Since Facebook this did not happen very often they finally offered the edit option and now it has carried over to Instagram. With these changes, Instagram can keep loyal users and add a new personality to their news feed. In addition to creating a solid base for which users will want to keep coming back to see what is next.