Coming up with additional information for your bio and Instagram content is not always easy.  Here are a few tips on what could be added to your Instagram account and posts.

Create your own hashtag

There’s no better way to grow community on your blog and social networks and increase your followers than to create your own hashtag. If you’ve got a website, a blog , or a really good idea, decide on a unique but easy to remember hashtag. Confirm it isn’t already being used by someone else.  Then go for it!  Use it in everything, your blog posts, newsletters, and social media channels. Once people start to see it and think it is catchy, it can explode.

Follow, comment, and like similar accounts

Explore your favorite hashtags to find people that post beautiful photos, and when you see one you like, leave a thoughtful comment, double tap, or even follow. Many times, that person will reciprocate the gesture, or at least check you out. If they like what they see, they just might follow back!

Put your email in your bio

Adding your email address to your Instagram bio is great for adding new people to your network.  Make sure it is an email that is associated with your brand and preferably an email address with your business name in it.