Instagram is diving deeper into video.

The company is adding a new type of video channel to its app: live events. The channel, which will begin appearing in the Explore section of the app, highlights videos from concerts, sports games and other live events.

The section will be personalized to each user’s taste, according to Instagram, so you’re likely to see videos from artists you like or sports teams you follow. index

The app first began rolling out its curated video channels in April and has since slowly expanded them to more niche topics. While not necessarily as niche as “cake decorating,” they are Instagram’s latest attempt at making the app even more personal.

They are also Instagram’s most recent move toward taking on Snapchat. While not as blatant as some of its more recent updates, video from live events was previously a space occupied pretty squarely by Snapchat.

The channels are limited to Instagram’s U.S users for now. But the feature could eventually make its way to others regions.

The app is also testing a dedicated section for its curated video channels. So regardless of where you live, you’re likely to see a lot more video on Instagram in the near feature.