To improve your Instagram photos, try using some of these small tweaks to get your Instagram pics looking great. Use your camera: Use the camera that comes with your phone. Try not to take the photo through the Instagram app. Using your phones camera, you will be taking the original photo that can be saved to your library as well as being able to edit and save before you upload it to Instagram. You will have much more flexibility taking the photo without the app. Use an Editing App: Prior to importing your photos into Instagram, check out what some of the free photo editing apps have to offer. Some of the editing apps have a ton a editing options, self timers and a lot of effects that allow you to create collages and merge images. Add Several Filters to Your Photo: If you want to add a filter to your photo with several of the effects Instagram offers, try these steps:

  1. Import your raw photo into Instagram.
  2. Apply a filter of your choice.
  3. Minimize the filter options bar with the arrow on the bottom right.
  4. Take a screen shot (press your off button and home button at the same time).
  5. Click the x to cancel the edits and go back to the home screen to choose another photo.
  6. Import the screenshot, which will have the filter you already applied.
  7. Add another filter.
  8. Repeat until you find the right combination.

Be Square: Instagram sees everything as a square. So, when taking your photo, you make want to take a conventional pose, but then get creative and take the same subject from way up high looking down or from down low, looking up. The subject can change dramatically, just from when the photo was taken. Stepping up your Instagram photos may take some work and some practice, but it will be helpful and will ensure your photos stand out in the stream.