Your business card is the first impression a promising consumer has with your company. The business card design and message will eventually persuade the client to either toss it in the trash or save it for later use.

A few questions to ask yourself when making a business card are, how big should it be, a 3.5″ by 2″ business card will fit in your wallet. A larger one won’t fit and a smaller may look unprofessional, causing the client to leave it.

What about the quality of paper and ink? Your card should not be fragile and the ink should not run. Imagine your client is stuck out in the rain and when they pull out your card it falls apart with the first drop of water. This is not a good sign. Not many cards will hold out in the rain, but while your card melts away and the ink runs on to your hands with a few drops you need to reconsider the paper and ink quality.

One more important thing before we get to the whole reason for the business card to begin with is the color. No one wants an old black and white business card; there are so many colors out there why solely black and white? Your business card should represent your business; if your company were a color what color would you imagine it to be? You want to add color to your card but not so much it is distracting, as a guide try and keep your card to 3 colors.

Now for what has to be on the card you absolutely cannot leave out the whole reason for getting these cards made up.

  • Your Name
  • Your Company Name
  • What Your Business Does
  • Your Role In The Company
  • Multiple Ways To Contact You
    • Phone Number
    • Fax Number
    • Email Address
    • Mailing Address
    • Website
    • Social Media Outlets

That should be it, if there is anything else you really feel should be on the card, you can always use the back, you do not want to clutter the front with too much information. A great option is to utilize the back of the card! I do almost all my designs this way now.

With digital printing it’s affordable and you can break down the information into groups without overwhelming the reader. Now, why are first impressions called first impressions, you don’t get a second, so make it count. Invest in the best business card design you can afford and it will pay off for you and your company.

If you need help designing a business card contact Chris Hennigan at 781-938-3866