As a business, there are several ways to get your product or service out to your customers.  Using some of the Facebook posts that have been posted to your Facebook page can be added to Pinterest as an added boost.  Here is how to add your Facebook posts that have images with them to your Pinterest account.Pinterest Search

  • On your Facebook page, save the Facebook image to a folder on your desktop.
  • Now go into your Pinterest account.
  • Click on the + sign on the bottom right of your Pinterest gallery page and select ‘upload a pin’ and upload the image from the folder on your desktop.
  • Select the board you wish to save it too, add a description and ‘pin it’.
  • Be sure to add the url to the website or back to your Facebook page.
  • Now, look for the pin on your board, and click on the pencil icon to add the link to the box for the source, click ‘save changes’.
  • Last, go back to the pin and check to be sure everything is linking correctly.