Quickly make changes to your profile so you’ll see a difference in your stats to ultimately drive traffic to your website.

Pin Other People’s Pins

Are none of your pins being repined? The first thing you should check what you share. If all you share is your own content you are doing Pinterest wrong.

Chances are other site’s pins are more popular and fetch more repins because they have built a reputation as being trustworthy sources of information. That doesn’t mean your pins can’t be in the same category though.

Counter that by sharing quality pins with high repin numbers while you build your own reputation. As a general rule of thumb share 1 pin from your site for every 8 pins found from other sources.

You will gain followers for your boards because you share quality information from all over the web, your site’s pins will fit in nicely with that trusted information.

A lot of Pinterest users don’t even have a website, they never share their own content. Why do they have 1000’s of followers? Clearly it’s not because of anything they’ve written, it’s because of what they’ve shared and repinned.

Pin Popular Pins

Popular pins or repins are king. If a pin has 1k+ repins, most people would assume it contains quality information. ‘Maybe I’ll just pin it quickly… no need to check the link… it’s been pinned 1k times with that many repins it has to be good quality content!’

You know you’ve done it, everyone has. A large repin number gives a pin automatic credibility regardless of content. Use that to your advantage.

You’re looking for high repins number, but remember to consistently share high quality pins that are relevant to your niche and helpful to your readers.

Check Your Links

Do you really need to check your links? Yes! Don’t be a victim that inadvertently spreads spam, that equates to you losing a lot of followers. Before you may realize a back can be added and go to some spam site.

Check What is Being Repinned from your Site

This shows you which pins are getting more action than others. If a pin is popular, you can use that pin structure to create future pins.

Enter this is into your search bar: https://www.pinterest.com/source/YOUR URL/

Always Repin Your Popular Pins

Now that you know how to search through all the pins that have been pinned from your site, repin the most popular ones. If you pin a fresh pin from your site everyday your pin starts at zero. However, if you check your ‘Source’ page, you can snag the pin that you see people have repinned the most. Pin, pins that you see a lot of action on.

Pin the Correct URL from YOUR Site.

If you are haphazard with your pins, I guarantee you have mistakenly pinned your main URL instead of the actual post you intended to share. Avoid this mistake by taking the time to pin and then make sure that you are on the actual post you are intending to share every time.


Utilize Your Alt Descriptions Every time

People might not be pinning your content yet, but it will happen, especially once you start joining group boards. When your pin does get repinned that pin is seen by that person’s audience. Why not flirt with their audience a little?

Easy Trick! A Pin description is the 2nd most important part of a pin, the first being the visual response. Make sure that all your pins have descriptions. Do this by using your ‘alt text’ box when adding images to your website. Take the time to think about what you want your pin to accomplish, be enticing.

The ‘alt description’ will become your pin description once saved to pinterest. Pinterest functions just like google and you want Pinterest to pull up your pin every chance it gets. Without a description you are missing out on a chance to connect with your readers and add SEO. Alt text is crucial part of SEO.