Here are a few fun facts abut web designers.

  1. Web designers love all kind of challenges. They always have more ideas than they are asked to do. Constant reading and testing is typical for them and they are always eager to complete their tasks.
  2. The difference between “web designer” and “front-end developer”. Very often people use them both to refer to the same job. But there are a few differences. responsive-web-patriotSome people perceive the web designer as a specialist that has more focus on the designing aspect of the task and the front-end developer as a professional that deals more with the implementation of the task. Actually, both job titles mean work with HTML, CSS and JavaScript and usually both types of work are carried out by the same person in the company. That’s the reason why often both terms are equivalent. The web designer combines the technical and creative skills of the front-end developer and the graphic designer. Web designers are called also a pixel pushers. Its meaning is slightly ironic, but not pejorative.
  3. Web designers are always worried that the end user won’t like something on the website. They are trying so hard to think the way their clients do. They are really trying to predict what would the regular internet user like and dislike. That`s why in many cases the web designers, especially user experienced designers, are using different A/B testing tools. These tools provide options to test changes to the page against the current design and determine which ones produce positive results. So the web designers use these tools to make themselves sure which web design is better.
  4. “The detail is the devil“. Just like the animals, web designers have accurate senses. Thanks to them, they discover the smallest inaccuracies and discrepancies. They notice immediately when something is two pixels smaller and see more colors than the non-design people. For example the regular people would just say that the color is purple, but the web designer would specify that the color is plum, eggplant, grape, orchid or lavender. The world of web design is so cruel…
  5. They would like to say so many things to their customers, but they don`t, and the reason is that they know that the customer is always right. They dream of clients who will give them creative freedom.
  6. Everything that they can’t accept they will do as they like, hoping the customer will not notice. I mean some small details that are not so visible, but are very important for the whole design concept.
  7. They are able to understand the language of customers who have no idea of internet and web design. The experience teaches. It takes many years to become a real web designer, designer who understands what non-design customers want.
  8. They are so committed to their job, they can talk about their work for hours, even when they are not at work. Professional language replaces quite often the colloquial.
  9. Some of the web designers want to work as freelancers, but most of them prefer to be members of a design team, because web designers are really funny and communicative people. They love to talk, discuss, and share.
  10. They become stressed when they have to work with old, outdated browsers and must meet a deadline.