Facebook has said that video creators will now be able to restrict their audience by age and gender, in addition to the location and language options it already offered. Facebook is trying out a new “secret” mode, which makes videos playable only to those with a direct link, much like YouTube’s “unlisted” function. Video publishers can now opt to turn off third-party embedding, or house videos only under a “videos” tab separate from the News Feed.fb The company’s video business has exploded in the past year, quadrupling its traffic. Facebook videos have more than 4 billion views a day. The difference between Facebook’s viewing and YouTube’s is that Facebook counts one view if you watch three seconds of a video, however, YouTube’s viewing time is roughly 30 seconds to be considered a view. Facebook is trying to squeeze more money out of those videos by launching new types of ads. It also wants to give advertisers targeting options that other video platforms can’t offer. Facebook began testing commercial break ads that appear between a series of videos watched consecutively. The company is banking on users watching a string of videos in one sitting, which seems to suggest that Facebook is looking to cordon off a fully-fledged video platform rather than only letting videos go through the News Feeds. The new video features seem to further this mission by creating an optional wall to separate videos from the rest of Facebook, and a labeling mechanism to group videos into categories like “entertainment” and “news.” Want to post a video of your product and business on Facebook, have 1-Stop Design Shop do it for you.  Contact us to find out how we can help with all of your social media campaigns.