Last month, Facebook acknowledged the findings of recent research which hinted at a trend that teenagers are cooling on the social network; and confirmed that there has been a plunge in teen use of late. Despite the fact that Facebook continues to be a popular social networking site boasting, over 1 billion active users, it is now being more widely used by adults than teenagers.fb

With research revealing that an increasing number of teen users of Facebook are shifting to newer, and apparently more voguish, social networking tools, experts are of the opinion that the dip in teen use of Facebook is seemingly linked to parent’s use of the site. More and more teenagers now feel that Facebook is a boorish social network and is something which is used by their parents.

As a result, teenagers who earlier flocked Facebook in large numbers are now turning to mobile apps like Facebook-owned Instagram, and Twitter’s video tool Vine to share with their friends. Facebook’s confirmation of the fact, that the reported trend of waning teen interest in the social network is real, came during the company’s quarterly earnings call, when David Ebersman – Chief Financial Officer of Facebook – said: “We did see a decrease in (teenage) daily users, especially younger teens.”

Article Source: Topnews written by Ingela Maledevic