Everyone knows how to search for something in Google, right? There are so many different things you can do with Google, so people may not even know these search options exist. Here are a few tips to turn you into a Google Guru. Define A Word: If you need a definition of a word, Google can find that for you. But, did you know that if you type your word, for example the word “Design” with the word “define:” before it, Google will take you to the definition of that word. Your search would look like this: “define:design”. Search for Words in Exact Order: Say you are looking for a quote, but you can only remember half of it. Put those exact words in quotations and only search results with those exact words in that exact order will appear in your search results. google Exclude Certain Words: This search tip is helpful when looking for a recipe on Google. If you are looking for an Apple Pie recipe but you would like to try a pie with no sugar. You can search for “apple pie recipe –sugar”. Enter the search terms you are looking for, then add a minus sign and follow that with whatever it is you would like to exclude. Search Within A Range: This simple Google tip can help when searching for something within a certain price range or a certain time period. If you are looking for a new laptop computer and only want to see prices in a certain range, you could search for: “laptop computers $500..$800”. By adding the two periods between the beginning and ending price range, Google will only give you results within your limits. This also works for dates, if you’re looking for a news article published during a certain time. Search Within A Website: You are looking for an article that you read on Mashable about Facebook, but you can’t remember the article name or the author name. In this case, you can search within the Mashable site for that article. Google your search terms by typing “site:mashable.com facebook”. Any articles that Mashable has posted regarding Facebook will show up in your results.