Do the seasons changing impact my website design? Spring, summer, fall, and winter; the four seasons, distinctly different and inspiring to many. The seasons inspire painters, writers and photographers; but do they influence a creative web designer.

Should your website be revamped for each changing season? Layout 1 Some sites may not see a need to change your website for the seasons. That may be fine for certain types of business. However, there are web sites that will be affected by the seasons and certain times of year and therefore should make a change to keep up with the current season. If you are working on a website that sells shoes, you may want to change it up since the fall is coming. Stop showcasing sandals and flip-flops and start focusing on warm winter boots.

Another good web site change would be a gardening nursery or farm stand. That website would want to focus on what flowers and plants thrive each season and a farm stand would want to show off their new fresh fruit and vegetables during the seasons they are available. A business selling video games may not benefit from a change in their website just because the seasons are changing. Their product continually stays generally the same and doesn’t waiver during the seasons Changing the colors and images is the easiest way of making a change to keep up with the changing seasons. Using warm colors for spring and fall, darker colors in the winter, and cool vibrant colors are always great for summer. Think about your product or what you are selling and look at the photos on your website. Do they go along with the season? Be sure your photos match what you are selling at that particular time of year.