Graphic designers will love the Pantone ones, but the other cookies are also amazing!

This graphic designer uses her own design skills to craft colorful sugar cookies.

Holly Fox describes herself as a “Pantone loving, lipstick wearing, jewel collecting gal d2358cc6b96306678ffe9fbe373907e7248bbf0a_860that’s not afraid of a little leopard”. A graphic designer by trade, the LA-based creative – originally from Chicago – loves to bake and ice colorful sugar cookies during her spare time.

Using her design skills and her obsession for bright color, she crafts her own colored icing to then paint on to the biscuit base, creating cookies based around various themes. From ice creams and swimming trunks to watermelons and flowers – you can see everything she hand-makes over at her Esty Shop where you can also purchase some for yourself.

There are even some cookies based on her creative career, with Pantone-inspired treats and miniature artist palettes. And if you need something in particular, Holly can custom-make your own set of sugar cookies.

If you love these sugar cookies as much as we do, give Holly a follow on Instagram where she regularly shares her latest colorful creations.

Via Etsy | All images courtesy of Holly Fox