If you are using Pinterest for your business or for your blog, you definitely want to upgrade to a business account.

You get access to all kinds of things as a business account user, such as:

  • Analytics
  • Promoted pins
  • Rich pins

These features are awesome and absolutely must-haves to run your business.

To convert your account, you’ll notice that there’s a link saying ‘convert to business account’ when you are trying to validate your website. Click i5-convert-to-businesst.


  1. Enter your business name.
  2. Enter what category your business falls under.  Give special consideration to professional (includes bloggers).
  3. Enter your website and click continue.
  4. Confirm your website by clicking in the yellow box that appears at the top of the screen.
  5. This time when you click finish, your website will be verified.

You’ll notice that your profile name display has now turned into your business name.  You can alter this if you wish to include your name