Content is the base of a website. Content is the words or text on a web page that go along with the graphics and structure of a website.  Web content is the best tool for building relations with your potential customers. The look and feel of a site is crucial but quality of your content may be the most important. The growing importance of content can be best judged from the following two perspectives: Search Engines: While crawling pages of a website, search engines look for content more than anything else. Search engines can pick up quality content and it really is the only factor that search engines emphasize and value most while ranking a site. Search engines try to find the best and most useful content available for the keywords searched. Users: Search-LogosPeople all over the world search for valuable and quality information. These  are usually to find:

  • Basic and fundamental knowledge on a topic.
  • Or obtain more knowledge on a familiar topic.

Only high quality content can benefit users. Have Complete Content: Complete content consists of three components:

  • Quality Information: Authentic information
  • Quality presentation: Unique and user-friendly presentation
  • Quality Writing: Proper grammar, concise and comprehensive style

Although users might be initially impressed by the catchy look and feel of a site, just visual appeal is not enough to keep them there for long. Information is the only way to make people spend more time on your site. Content helps generate links naturally: Getting links is the best way to make your site popular and also prove credibility to the search engines. With quality content, getting links is easier as anyone coming to your site is sure to find it useful and put it in their site to add value for their customers.