Trying to choose a major in college is hard.  College is an investment in your future. Taking the time to think about what type of future and career you want will help in deciding your major.

There are so many different career paths that your degree will lay the groundwork for.  Do plenty of research, in a few different career options, before you make your final decision.  Look in to how much each career is paying and what advancements can be made. Spend some time thinking about your future – and how you can increase the chances of that college degree paying off.

Here is a list of six degrees, including our favorite – Graphic Design, with some great payback potential.

Business Administration
Put your leading abilities to work with a degree in business administration.  A degree in business administration could be a good choice if you’re a natural leader.  This type of degree can give you an advantage and the opportunity to work in many different industries.

Information Technology or Information Systems
Seeing a return on your college investment is a big possibility with a degree in information in high demand.  Businesses today are looking for people with the unique skills to efficiently and effectively develop ideas.

Numbers are good for some and not good for others.  If you are one of the many people comfortable with numbers, this may be the career path for you.  Accountants are always going to be an important part of the economy.  Every business needs someone with the knowledge of accounting – which makes this a good degree choice.

Public Administration
Do you want to make a difference in the world?  A degree in public administration could help you prepare to pursue a career in politics or civil service.  With this career path, political office administrations are always changing so there is a consistent need for new employees.  With a degree in public administration, you will have a lot of flexibility with your career.

Health Care Administration
The government is predicting that approximately 68,000 new jobs will be created in this field by the year 2020.  A degree in health care administration could prepare you for the medical profession.  The skills needed for a position in health care administration are extremely marketable.  If financial management, policy implementation and coordination sound like your future, look into a degree in this field.

Graphic Design
Graphic design is everywhere.  No matter where you are there is some type of graphic design within your view.  It’s on t-shirts, posters, packaging and websites. A degree in graphic design could pay you back and you get to use your artistic talents as a career. Visual appeal is always going to be a top must for businesses and companies alike.

Are you a compassionate person?  Nursing is a career that you really need to have a natural instinct for.  This is a great career is you are concerned about the well-being of others.  Earning a degree in nursing can open the door to many different types of work.  There are so many fundamental aspects to a career in nursing.  This career will always be in demand.

Be patient and take your time in choosing your college major.  Your future depends on it.  Good luck with your college choices, and wishing you the future of your dreams.

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