It is important to have a blog about your company, and it is just as important to make sure you are not making important blogging mistakes! Let’s talk about a few mistakes you want to be sure not to make.

  1. Yes, the blog is about your company, the readers want information that can help them. Can you give them advice, might they want to go back on your site in the future, are you talking about something no one else has yet? What they don’t want is to know over and over just how awesome and great you are, how your products are the best out there and they are not thinking clearly if they don’t use them. Let them know how your team works together perfectly to help you, give them advice and suggestions. Keep it clean and fun, not uncomfortable and pushy.
  2. Infrequency and inconsistency, these are two things you have to be careful with. Decide your blogging strategy and stick to it. Will you blog daily, maybe a few times a week, what ever it is keep it consistent! In the end if you start off energized and blog everyday for 2 weeks then you get drained from it all and don’t post for a month customers are going to wonder if that is also how you do business. You want to attract clients not repel them.
  3. Off-topic, unfocused and no variety in content will hurt the progress of your blog quickly. If just reading your blog because you are unorganized and messy confuses the reader they won’t come back. As well, if you use the same words over and over without change the reader gets bored. Also, what about adding new types of content, yes the reader wants consistency, but they also want variety. Try graphs, photos or videos to excite your readers.
  4. Don’t ignore your blog analytics, it may not seem important but how else do you know if all you are putting into your blog is worth it? Checking your Analytics you are able to see how many viewers you have, maybe this month is better than last. But what about if this month is still not being viewed as much as it was 4 months ago. You will be able to find information on where your viewers are coming from and how to improve.
  5. Last but not least, remember, it is about consistence, you can’t expect an over night miracle. Stay with it, keep to your blogging strategy going and you will notice a difference.