Professional photography tips with Thomas, who has a digital camera and a wide aperature.

Hello, my name is Thomas and I am a professional photographer because I bought a digital camera.

TIP 1 How to become a professional photographer Buy a digital camera.

TIP 2  Tricks of the trade. Have a look on the camera, somewhere, probably on the top or back or somewhere on the front or sides there will be a button or dial marked ‘A’, this does not stand for ‘Automatic’ as some amateurs think but ‘Awesome’. Leave it on this all the time.

TIP 3 Photography courses. There is no need for even a basic photography course because once you buy a digital camera you will be a professional photographer.

TIP 4 Lighting. You will need some light otherwise the photos will come out a bit too dark. Usually you can fix them in Photoshop but some light to begin with is good.

TIP 5  Subject Matter. Yes, it does. Don’t take photos of girls leaving the high school from your car as the fine is $360.00 and a years probation.

Photo Gallery

Sunset from my rooftop. Me on my rooftop. View of city from my rooftop. The plant on my rooftop. Clouds over my rooftop. Some people that once came to visit me on my rooftop. Or my toes, I am unsure.

Now, you know we are kidding…RIGHT?

Our professional photography is here…