Four basic design tips should always be used when designing anything.  Print and web design both need these key factors to be inviting to a potential client.

Contrast creates interest on a page and makes the text easier to read. It aids in the organization of information on the page.  Add contrast through typefaces choices, line thickness, color, shapes, sizes and space.  Making the contrast strong can make it more eye catching.Tufts Booklet

Repetition adds unity to the design. By repeating similar elements throughout the page, you allow the views to easily move from one piece of information to the next.  Adding consistency to your work by repeating similar visual elements throughout your work. Avoid repetition that is annoying or overwhelming.

By keeping your attention to the alignment in your design ensures that every element on the page is placed purposefully.  Alignment adds unity and organization to the page. Being conscious of where you place each element, aligning each item with something else on the page, even something far away.

Carefully organize your information by grouping related items together.  Try to limit your design to 3-5 groups of elements.  Group your elements as shapes to keep the organization in tack.