Abbie Lou Hennigan

Head of Security

Meet Abbie, the office security guard. A Black Lab rescued by Chris at 6 months old, who is very cautious about men (smart girl). She warms up to everyone (almost…she’s a good judge of character) if given the space. Sometimes she’d rather just hide under Mum’s desk and get patted. She is Chris’ shadow at home. Abbie is nine years old.

Abbie, unlike her sister, flunked Doggie training and knows only some voice commands. Only recently did she learn how to sit. Yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks, she’s proof. When she’s not following Chris around she is napping in her office. She has the saddest eyes for such a content dog…eyes that make you wish she could talk.

Things she loves: Her naps, all people food, Ellie, Mummy (aka Chris), her sister Zoie the cat
Things she doesn’t like: Squirrels (and all other rodents), her other sister Sadie the cat, all people who walk by her house
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