Improve Your Website & Business: Our 5-Step Solution

Is your site a well-synchronized marketing/sales mechanism or is it a disjointed collection of shallow special effects?

Is it an intelligent tool for driving business or an overpriced, puffed-up business card? We can help. Our 5-Step process ensures communication and collaboration on all levels throughout the process of building your website solution—a solution that evolves as technology advances and markets change. And It’s all built on a sound strategy.

Step 1

Our due diligence: questioning, listening & discovery

We take a simple, yet thorough, straightforward approach. We first sit down with you to ask a lot of questions, listen and identify your requirements. We immerse ourselves in your world to gain a thorough understanding of your objectives, motivations, interests, likes and dislikes. We conduct a thorough analysis of your business, your market and your competitors’ websites, we will provide suggestions to what your site should and should not offer and a navigation structure that will help drive traffic through your site… and make you money.

Step 2

Managing the project: we communicate clearly, communicate often and get the job done

We work with you to establish goals, priorities and create a concise plan of action. Our plan contains clear milestones and well defined deliverables. As we implement, we brief you quickly and often, to keep you appraised of new opportunities, possibilities and solutions that always emerge when a project proceeds.
We will:

  • Facilitate stakeholder conversations
  • Map out work processes
  • Uncover key questions
  • Identify optimal technologies
  • Plan for measurability and effectiveness

Your project has numerous goals, with myriad degrees of priority. We will work with you to understand your most important challenges and help you create a plan of action. In an easy to understand manner, we present our shared vision and strategy with clear milestones and deliverables.

Step 3

Draft site architecture & develop concepts
  • Create a general site map, break down time involved and make suggestions.
  • Define budgets and costs.
  • Establish schedule.
  • Collect information.
  • Refine and create a solid site map to use as an outline.
  • Develop architecture and navigation.
  • Create a general look and feel.
  • Present concepts to you and make adjustments to the selected concept.

Step 4

Design & produce

We bring our vast expertise in usability and functionality to craft exciting and memorable user experiences. We endeavor to create a powerful experience that resonates with your customers, employees and prospects, from first encounter through long-term loyal relationship.
What we do in this step:

  • Design the general look and feel of your site (1-5 pages).
  • Present the design to you for comments.
  • After your feedback, make the appropriate revisions.
  • Refine and develop details.
  • Once the general look and feel design is approved, create and upload the pages to staging area.
  • Test for usability, functionality and present to you. We implement an intensive testing phase to ensure the site is functional prior to it going live.
  • Create rest of the design.
  • Program and implement the rest of the technical infrastructure.
  • Test your completed site for layout, usability and functionality.
  • Upload the completed site to staging and present to you.
  • Make the necessary final adjustments and refinements.

Step 5

Launch, nurture and grow

We‘ll work closely with you to ensure an effective launch, transition or update. We’ll work with your corporate communications team to “get the word out” on your new site via email, direct mail or both. We can even help turn the enhancements to your site into a marketing opportunity event. We realize that your site is your livelihood (especially if it includes e-commerce, employee intranets and content management systems) and simply can’t afford even one millisecond of downtime or disruption.

1-Stop’s commitment does not end with the completion of your project. We want you to feel comfortable with your site, and even more so in relying on us for ongoing support and consultation.We’ll nurture your growth, by continuously evaluating the effectiveness of our contributions and building on their successes. We seek to provide you with a long-term, evolving business tool, for you to leverage to its full potential. As you collaborative partner, we’re here to help, always.

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