Google has announced it is expanded its set of security alerts in Google Analytics. Now the software will alert site owners if their site has been hacked for spam, leaving it in violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

If your site has been hacked by a third party, Google Analytics will flag your domain immediately and point you toward the resources you need to help you resolve the issue.290x195googlesecurity

Just last September, Google indicated there has been a 180% rise in sites getting hacked for spam compared to the same time last year. If website owners are contacted directly about the issue, then the likelihood of it getting fixed is over 75%, according to Google’s research.

Google recommends that, in addition to Google Analytics, you should verify your site in Search Console which has even more security features. For example, there’s a feature called Security Issues that will alert you whenever things aren’t looking good for your site. Security Issues will pin-point the problems it has discovered with your site.

If your site is a victim of being hacked, Google has a detailed recovery guide that will help you correct the issue and get back to having a secure site.