2017 is almost half over and here are a few of the the web design trends we have been seeing so far.


  1. Layouts that let content shine.
  2. Better collaboration between designers, and between designers and developers.
  3. Improved design-to-development workflows.
  4. Big, bold type.
  5. Complex layouts rooted in graphic design principles.
  6. More SVGs.
  7. Constraint-based design tools.
  8. More and brighter color.
  9. More focus on animation.
  10. Unique layouts.
  11. A focus on designing for content delivery, personalization, and conversion.
  12. More focus on conversation (yes, bots, but also…).
  13. The fight against fake news.
  14. More peeks inside design (and content).
  15. Virtual reality … on the web