Rolling with Class

We are thrilled to share the work we have done for our friends at Home Depot. They are now riding around in style thanks to our beautiful custom vinyl decals that we handled and applied to several Nissan Rogue SUVs. These personalized vinyl letterings were designed and conceptualized in-house by our team. Keep scrolling to see our amazing founder Chris, meticulously applying our designs to the driver, passenger, and rear side of the vehicles!

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View the text exchange that started it all! Below features clips from the application process, along with Chris showcasing her patience as she finalizes the decals. Visit our Instagram @1stopdesignshopinc to see our other projects.

Our Vinyl Decal Process

Our design process consists of multiple steps, starting off with the conceptualization and the design of the decals. We calculated how we would like them to appear, and how they would be read from a distance on the vehicle. Our next step was using high-quality outdoor vinyl that would survive the New England weather. Before application it’s crucial to clean the surface of the vehicle and confirm the position, ensuring the smoothest application and final look. With precise cutting and technique the decals are left on the transfer sheet, ready to be applied.

Once we love the placement, it is time to remove the transfer paper and smooth out the decal using a felt squeegee. Smoothing from the middle towards the outside to avoid any air pockets or creases. Once all excess materials including paper and tape have been removed, voilà! It is now time to show off your new car tattoos!

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